Practicing life...

It is one thing to meet week after week with a teacher/coach and learn all about a particular instrument. It is an entirely different thing to put all of that knowledge into front of an audience. Let's set aside all the mental preparation, nerves, putting together just the right set of music, etc. and think about  just getting a gig to begin with. Even if you are playing for tips, it is not as easy as you might think. We try to walk our students through as much of what "the real world" feels like for musicians "out there" as much as we can, understanding that even that, is something they won't always have once they leave our teaching space. It is up to them to absorb as much as they can and hopefully put it to use in whatever aspect of their lives it becomes advantageous knowledge to have. That's the beauty about music and the process of learning an instrument - you are developing good working habits that are good to have for arts sake and for life's sake.

This Friday, our JAM U Bands, Heatstroke and Lunes, are heading downtown to perform for the Heritage Festivals BBQ & Brews Festival. You can find out all about it on our school's website: JAM University. On Saturday, one of our youngest, Avery Watley, will be doing a solo set around 11:30 A.M. We are so proud of all our students! They put in the work, invest and sacrifice both in time and money, and represent us amazingly every time they perform in and out of our  community. If you make it to Historic Downtown Yuma this weekend, and we hope you do, please stop by and have a listen! Also, let us know which BBQ stands are your favorites so we can visit after we are done. :)

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