What have we been up to?!

We probably need to recruit one of our young ones to help us stay up to date with all this social media stuff! Problem is, these kids are as busy as we are if not more! ANYWAY! If you have any questions in regards to lessons/bookings, our contact page here is a good place to start. I should note here that we DO NOT currently have any open spots for new students but, that will change in the next few months as we have a big high school class graduating in 2019.  We are currently working out of our home office and because of it, work mostly using a referral system. That means we are VERY careful with our information: address, etc. Although not a guaranteed spot, your chances of getting one will highly increase if you happen to get a recommendation from one of our current trusted families/clients. We hope you understand why we must work in this manner. 

Our next show for our JAM U Students is at the Yuma Civic Center this Thursday, June 14th, at 7:00 P.M. FREE! Click on "Shows" for more info.



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