I know, we're a little late wishing you all a Happy New Year! But there it is, haha! We ended 2018 with some great performances by our students at the Yuma Landing Restaurant and Bar. We'd love to return for another season. The staff there was great and our families enjoyed the food/atmosphere. We'll see! If you own or know of someone who owns a restaurant/business that would like to host live music once a month, we'd love the connection! There's nothing like consistent performances to build our young musician's confidence in their craft.

For 2019, we started out in January with Jazz Nights at Julieanna's with guests Nina Hook & Maddie Waters. They did a fabulous job and the Patio was full and receptive all night long. We will return to do one more show there on February 22nd. Also in February, we are back performing for the Village Jazz Series on the 14th. It's become our Valentine's Day date in the past few years and we really enjoy it! This year, we will have high school seniors and our students Alexandra Olin and Leilani Lopez join us for a couple of songs each. They've performed at the series before and have been very well received. If you haven't heard them yet, we know you will love them.

At the end of February, Alexandra and Leilani will be joined by Mallory Lemmon and Taylor Quinn, fellow high school seniors for our very first ever JAM U Senior Night Concert! These girls have been our students for 6+ years each and will be leaving us for college soon. With this concert we will celebrate our journey together with some of their favorite songs. The band for the night will be: Jason Arviso (guitars), Eloisa Arviso (keys/sax), Tab Wilcox (drums), Isabella Olin (bass). Free and open to the public! February 28th @7:00 P.M. at the Yuma Civic Center. Check out our Shows page for a link/map.

We do sincerely hope you all have a wonderful 2019! We continue to be grateful for every year our little music business continues to keep on keeping on. When we started, we hoped to make it past the one year mark, and then the three year mark. Now we are at the ten year mark! Wow! Minds blown. 


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